Our Vision & Values



“Our mission is to see that your child’s imagination, creativity and wellbeing is enhanced through our
innovative, inspiring and enriching teachers and programs.”



Our vision is to enhance the lives of children, to support them on their journey to become happy, positive
and proactive children who will grow to live strong, healthy and imaginative lives.”



We aim to create a colourful, caring and nurturing environment which will impact
on each and every one of the children that come to learn with us.”




The Core 4

1. Children – Emma is so passionate about the input we give to our children in our communities. Our world is riddled with negativity, competition, pressure and problems. She wants to ignite in our children all the positives that you can carry with you as a person – positivity, education, energy, creativity and imagination. No one can take those aspects away from you.

2. Teachers – We are absolutely passionate about creating work and empowerment for women. We aim to enhance the lives of women and pay above the standard rate, create autonomy in the working environment, generate complete camaraderie with the other teachers and allow input from them. We want to create a movement of educators who are dedicated to the progress of children.

3. Programs – Through Emma’s experience, knowledge, expertise and way of thinking she wants to create programs that are completely unique and enrich the thoughts and minds of children in their formative years. She draws inspiration for the programs from dancers from bygone eras, writers, professors, academics and psychologists.



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